Journal of Arts and Humanities


Journal Name: Journal of Arts and Humanities
Abbr. Title: J art hum
ISSN(Online): 2984-6676
Frequency: Once a month
Language: English
Chief Editor: Dr. Manoranjan Tripathy
Publisher: SIR Publishers
Country of Origin: Philippines

Aim And Scope

Journal of Arts and Humanities is an open access, Bimonthly, peer reviewed journal. The Journal publishes in all major disciplines and sub disciplines under- Education, Humanities, Social Sciences and Literature and share globally. “Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences” publishes in all the fields under Arts, Education, Humanities, Social Sciences and Literature like- Anthropology, Archaeology, Communication, Criminology, Education, Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics, Logic, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Education, Linguistics, International Relations, Political Science, Geography, History, Law, Psychology, Health, Economy, Trade, Arts, History, Literature, Religion, Marriage, Family Life, Philosophy, Sociology, Demography, Library Science, Journalism, Media Studies, Languages, Acrobatics, Busking, Geospatial Information Science, Comedy, Dance, Magic, Music, Opera, Film, Juggling, Marching Arts, Brass Bands, Theatre, Visual Arts, Drawing, Painting, Studies, Multicultural, Gender, Minority Studies, Women studies, Social Work, Social Welfare etc.


Dr Manoranjan Tripathy

Asst Professor, Dev Sanskriti Vishavidyalaya,Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India

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Dr. John Erwin Prado Pedroso

Permanent Faculty, West Visayas State University, College of Education ,Philippines

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Dr Mohammad Afsar Alam

Assistant Professor,Fiji National University College of Humanities and Education School of Arts and Humanities, Fiji

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Philamer Pedria

Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, NONESCOST Department Head, AB English Language Studies Program, NONESCOST, Philippines

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Dr. Onuma Suphattanakul

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya, Thailand

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About The Publisher

SIR Publishers is an independent, open-access, international research based publishing house committed to providing a 'peer reviewed' platform to outstanding researchers and scientists to exhibit their findings for the furtherance of society to provoke debate and provide an educational forum. We are committed about working with the global researcher community to promote open scholarly research to the world. With the help of our academic Editors, based in institutions around the globe, we are able to focus on serving our authors while preserving robust publishing standards and editorial integrity. We are committed to continual innovation to better support the needs of our communities, ensuring the integrity of the research we publish, and championing the benefits of open research.